Welcome to the world of Family in Mind. We are your safe alternative child care and tutoring and we are situated in Höllviken. We facilitate experienced babysitters and tutors to your family both in Copenhagen, Malmö, Trelleborg, Vellinge, and Näset.

We can help you to smooth weekdays or a nicer weekend-party, and in the same time we make your children feel happy. The need of your family steer the arrangement. Some families want to let go of the stress they feel getting the kids at preeschool, snacktime, cooking and homework for a couple of days a week. Others want their kids to be part of an activity in spite of the fact that it is before Mum or Dad are at home to drive. Some think that the puzzle is so much easier if there is space for personal training, parent meetings at school and shopping at the grocery store when the kids have fun together with our babysitter.

We are flexible and look forward to hear more about your needs. Call us on 070-595 57 17, and we will tell you more and answer your questions. You can also fill in your Intresseanmälan and we will contact you.